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Reclaimed Wine Barrel Flooring – Distinctive Wine Cellar Flooring

Reclaimed wine barrels can be used to make really distinctive custom wine cellar flooring, counter tops, walls ceilings pretty much anything you want. Watch this video to get a look at what this product is, how it’s made and just how great the final product can look.

In it you will see Rick actually take the barrels apart and show how the reclaimed wood is processed. As a green product, this is one or our favorite as it produces such an unusual and unique finish. With the coopers stamps randomly visible, no two floors look the same. The inside of the barrels produce a completely different look to the outside and the process of breaking apart the barrels themselves is quite exciting – you can almost smell the wine…


Wine Barrel Flooring – The Ultimate in Wine Cellar Flooring Part I wine cellar flooring Los Gatos

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