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Wine Barrels and Wine Barrel Flooring for Custom Wine Cellar Flooring

There is a long-standing relationship between wines and wine barrels constructed from oak.  Oak wine barrels have been used in winemaking for centuries.  The use of oak has long been significant to storing and aging wines.  It is said to influence the texture, flavor, tint, and tannin content of wines.

Wine Barrels and Wine Barrel Construction

Wine Barrel Construction

Wine Barrels

Barrel construction is done in cooperages, and the skilled craftsmen who make them are called coopers.  The oaks are split into staves and left to dry outdoors.  Outdoor seasoning of hand-split oaks can take from two to three years.  Another quick approach to drying lumber is called kiln drying.  It is a process entailing heat treatment in order to reduce moisture in wood.

Oak staves are then heated until pliable enough to bend into barrels and are securely held together by metal hoops.  The constructed barrels then go through a process called toasting.  During this process, the insides of the barrels are charred on different levels.  Charring is said to have a profound effect on the flavor and characteristics of wine.

Most wine barrels have a shelf life of less than ten years.  Once they’ve served their purpose, these barrels are dumped in landfills, used as garden planters, or sold as firewood.  But for sustainability-minded wine cellar builders, old wine barrels are recycled into usable flooring planks.  Reclaimed wine barrel flooring has a significant contribution to the aesthetic value of wine cellars.

Unique Wine Barrel Flooring for Wine Cellars 

Wine Barrel Flooring by Coastal

Wine Barrel Flooring by Coastal

Wood floors made from recycled wine barrels provide an exceptional look to any storage space.  Each piece of reclaimed wine barrel flooring is one of a kind.  No two pieces of this wine cellar flooring are alike, which makes it incredibly unique.  This flooring choice is not only strikingly beautiful but also extremely durable.

Three variations of wine cellar flooring material are derived from reclaimed components of old wine barrels, namely: cooperage, wine infusion, and stave.  Each material has its own remarkable features that can bring an elegant flair and old world feel to wine cellars.

Cooperage wine barrel flooring is made from the top and bottom parts of the barrels.  Each piece bears distinctive stamps and markings of winemakers.  This exquisite flooring piece will convey rustic beauty and historic charm when added to any wine storage room.

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Flooring with the Insignia and Vineyard Label

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Flooring with the Insignia and Vineyard Label

Wine infusion wine cellar flooring comes from the inside portion of the barrel.  Infusion flooring is naturally colored by the wine during the aging process, and it retains the aroma as well.

Stave flooring is made from the outside part of the barrel.  Distinctive markings on this flooring plank come from metal hoops that have been removed.  This wine barrel flooring material will create visually appealing striations, resulting from merging long and short stave pieces.

Wine Cellar Flooring Made of Old Oak Wine Barrels

Wine Cellar Flooring Made of Old Oak Wine Barrels

Coastal Custom Wine Cellar Flooring California provides hand-crafted flooring materials made from recycled oak wine barrels.  These out of the ordinary flooring options will transform an ordinary wine enclave into a storage space rife with rich history and timeless sophistication.  Reclaimed wine barrel flooring is also an eco-friendly product that contributes to enriching the environment.

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Unique Wine Cellar Flooring by Coastal

Unique Wine Cellar Flooring by Coastal

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