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Wine Cellar Design – New California Residential Fully Custom Project

Wine Cellar Design – New California Residential Fully Custom Project (A Processed Video Transcription)


New Residential Wine Cellar Design California Fully Custom Project

Hi and thank you for visiting Coastal Custom Wine Cellars.  I’m going to take you through our wine cellar design California process.

Wine Cellar Design California – Dana Point Project

This particular job is a project we recently completed in Dana Point, California.  We actually created the residential wine cellar Orange County in the enclosure in a two-car garage.  We will be sharing some photographs of the wine cellar design with you as well.

Everyone that comes to Coastal Custom Wine Cellars receives a complimentary three dimensional wine cellar design California.  It includes the plan view which is what we are looking at now, some elevations, and some 3D visuals.  This particular residential wine cellar as you can see the dimensions are posted here just over 11′ long and just over 5′ wide.  This particular cellar accommodated 725 bottles and a fairly large percentage of them included wood case storage, 1.5 liter, 3 liter, and even 6 liter requirement.

The limited height that we had because of some obstacles in the garage just over 6’2″ I believe, but we were still able to manage over 700 bottles, right at 725 bottles as you can see.  Those numbers are posted here and how these various bottles are broken down into various components are also posted just above that.

Wine Cellar Design - Elevations

Wine Cellar Design – Elevations

Let’s take a look at Elevation A, which is the right side wall as you enter from here.  Elevation A is for the most part single bottle storage openings.  I call these openings universal openings.  They measure 3 3/4 inch x 3 3/4 inch inside dimension which essentially means you can store just about any 750 ml bottle in the marketplace, including standard champagne bottles, Oregon Pinots, Shiraz, Zinfandels, and California Bluechips.  Very few bottles will not fit here.

We also included a high reveal display row and as you can see from the side view, the bottles pitch to the 15-degree angle.  Many of our clients like to include some soft LED wine cellar lighting in this area here which is called the light valance just above the display, which will illuminate these bottles.  Not only is it a beautiful feature to the wine cellar design, but it’s a good management tool as well for a residential wine cellar Orange County.  You can store like wines above and below the display row.

Wine Storage Furniture

The open area here is open to the garage wall.  We included a tabletop, drawers for wine accoutrements (e.g. corkscrews, napkins) and some bulk wine storage just below that.  The client had a number of large format bottles, so just above the opening we have capacity for 4 magnums or 1.5 liter bottles and these are stored and displayed in a label forward, horizontal display.

Residential Wine Cellar - Wine Racks Design

Residential Wine Cellar – Wine Racks Design

The back wall across from the entry has an opening for wood cases.  These little icons here represent wood case openings, and we flanked that with some more of the single bottle wine storage and the display row.  But below, and as you can see from the side view, we created this to be a double deep configuration.  The wine storage capacity was increased a bit and offered more tabletop area while the client was in there managing and working with the wines.

The left side wall is where we included most of the 3-liter and the 6-liter displays as you can see there at the top.  A little bit of single bottle storage so that we can continue the high reveal display going around the perimeter of the room.  These are adjustable shelves so the client can control the spacing for the different sized wood cases that he offered.

The end piece here is called a quarter round display shelf.  It is not necessarily intended for wines to be stored vertically as we have depicted here.  You could put decanters or other decorative items there.  As you can see it just makes a nice finish or an end to the cellarage that is on the left side wall.

3D Wine Cellar Design California

3D Wine Cellar Design California

These three dimensional wine cellar design views give you a great idea of how everything is going to tie together.  This actual opening right here was left open where we placed our CellarPro exterior vent cooling unit.  We also included in our design our Tuscan-styled arched door.  It has an operable iron grill, which means you can open it for cleaning purposes and then close it back.

I certainly hope you enjoyed the tour here.  Cheers!




Residential Wine Cellar California - Before Photo

Residential Wine Cellar California – Before Photo


Dana Point Completed Residential Wine Cellar

Dana Point Completed Residential Wine Cellar


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