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Wine Cellar Doors – An Essential Part of Wine Cellars

Wine cellars are not wine cellars without a wine cellar door.

The entryway is just as important as any other part of the wine room.  Some of us don’t give it much attention but we must realize that wine cellar doors are not just an aesthetic piece of furniture -they also play a key role in protecting your wines.

 The three factors that are the most important considerations to keep in mind when planning to build a wine cellar are temperature, humidity and lighting.  Your wine cellar should be able to maintain a balance of these three to ensure the continued protection of your wines.  In order to achieve this, your wine cellar door must be able to keep a tight seal and Coastal’s wine cellar doors can do more than just that.

 Here at Coastal, we combine traditional and contemporary methods when designing and building wine cellar doors.  One of the methods used by our craftsmen is what we call Mortise and Tenon for all the wood joints which is easy to apply but gives effective results.

Wine Cellars - Custom Wine Cellar Doors

Custom Wine Cellar Doors by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Our wine cellar doors have fantastic insulating properties because we use Laminated Veneer Lumber (or, LVL), one of the latest technologies in the industry that only a few manufacturers utilize.

 This modern LVL technology and the traditional Mortise and Tenon technique make our wine cellar doors exceptionally stable and durable and free from the usual warping experienced by regular doors.

 One of the most essential features of our wine cellar doors is the automatic door bottom, which aids in keeping a tight seal on your wine cellar and prevents door dragging, which consequently prevents damage to the floor.

 Aside from all that, wine cellar doors add aesthetic value to your wine cellar and your home.  We have doors on which you can have a custom carving added as well as custom glass etchings on glass panels within a door to choose from.  We also offer transom and sidelights to add additional elegance to the cellar door.

 All these features are just some of the many benefits that our wine cellar doors can offer.  To learn more, just visit these pages:


Or try to check our amazing custom wine cellar projects:


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