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Wine Cellar Lighting – Why is it Important in Wine Cellars?

In order to store wines properly, they need to be stored just under the right climate conditions.  Temperature and humidity are not the only factors that contribute to the ideal environment in your wine cellar.  Light is also an essential determinant of proper storage conditions.  It is also an important aspect of your wine cellar design. Why? Here are the reasons:

Prevents Damage to Wines

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Wine Cellar Lighting

Proper wine cellar lighting can help prevent damage to your wines caused by harmful light sources.  Wines are sensitive to light, which explains why they are bottled in dark-tinted glass.  Dark colored bottles protect them from sunlight and ultraviolet light, which can ruin the quality of your wines.

Using regular light bulbs are not advisable for wine cellar lighting.  They tend to generate too much heat, which can lead to temperature fluctuations inside the wine storage room.  Inconsistency in temperature range can also cause the cooling unit to overwork and eventually breakdown as it attempts to combat the heat generated by the lighting system.

LED based lighting is highly recommended for wine cellars.  This lighting system is energy efficient and has a life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours.  In addition, LED light bulbs give off almost no UV light and generate little infrared light.  LED based wine room lights produce a warm glow and comforting atmosphere that is not harmful to your wine collection.

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Wine Cellar Lighting – Highlighting Key Aread

Enhances Visibility of Wine Labels

The amount of light in your wine room should be enough to allow you to read wine labels and entertain guests, but not too much to cause heat and damage your wine collection.

Wine labels speak about the wine that the bottle contains and most wine enthusiasts most certainly take time to read what is written on them. Proper wine cellar lighting will give more

visibility to wine labels and convenience in finding a particular wine.

Saves Energy

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Wine Cellar Lighting – Saves Energy

Keeping your wine cellar lighting system on a timer is not only convenient, but also lets you save on energy and avoid changes in temperature inside the wine storage room.  If you forget to switch off the lights in your wine cellar, the timer feature of your wine cellar lighting will take care of that for you.

Installing a dimmer switch will help you control the brightness in your wine cellar.  This device gives you the option to change the level of lighti

ng in order to maintain the appropriate temperature for your wines and achieve the atmosphere you desire.  A dimmer switch not only provides convenience, but it is also energy efficient.

Highlights Specific Areas

Recessed can lights are ceiling-mounted lighting options that let you highlight specific areas of your wine room.  They are mostly used as the primary source of light within the wine cellar.  Recessed lighting offers flexibility in terms of design because it is available in various shapes and styles.

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Wine Room Lighting – Highlights Key Areas

Wall sconces are mounted on the wall, preferably 6” above the floor, in order to create a beautiful illuminating effect in your wine storage room.  Sconces come in three different styles: electric bulb sconces, electric candle sconces, and candle sconces.

Track wine cellar lighting is the best option if you want to emphasize your favorite wine selection that is stored in your racking system.  This wine cellar lighting system offers various installation options because it can be mounted on a ceiling or on the wall, or hung on cables.

LED rope lighting system is another lighting option that goes in the racking system that allows you to highlight the display rows and showcase wine labels.  It offers convenience in locating a particular wine since the wine labels are exposed at eye level and they are organized on the display shelf according to their brand and type.

Creates the Perfect Ambiance

Lighting sets the right tone and mood in your wine cellar.  It also helps accentuate the architectural structure of your wine room, as well as your wine collection.

There are various lighting options that you can choose from to create the perfect ambiance in your wine room.  Your choice of lighting system will dictate the decorating scheme and overall ambiance.  The most common types of wine cellar lighting are recessed lighting, wall sconces, and track lighting.

Wine cellar lighting is an integral part of the overall decor of your wine room.  It illuminates your wine cellar and casts an elegant glow.  Utilizing the right type of lighting system can create the appropriate mood setting in your wine cellar.  Always remember to keep brightness to a minimum in order to maintain temperature at ideal levels; keeping your wines safe.

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