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Wine Cellar Lighting – Brilliant Wine Cellar Accentuation Ideas

The Importance of Wine Cellar Lighting
There are many factors that need to be considered when designing a custom wine cellar. Three important factors are functionality, room climate or temperature, and beauty. One variable that affects these three factors is proper wine cellar lighting. Wine cellar lighting is necessary to improve the functionality of your wine cellars because with proper lighting you can easily check the labels of your wine bottles without exposing them to too much heat. Cellar room temperature is very important because ineffective climate control can affect the quality of your wine stocks. Wine cellar lighting can either raise or decrease the wine cellar temperature and thus proper cellar lighting is necessary to create the appropriate climate balance. Lastly, lighting also improves the beauty of your whole wine cellar room because a good choice in lighting creates an elegant ambiance.

Read more and explore the many wine cellar lighting options available for your custom wine cellar. It would be smart to check with a design professional to help you choose the appropriate lighting that’s best for your custom wine cellar design.

Recessed Can Lights
A popular design for wine cellar lighting is to use a ceiling-mounted recessed halogen lighting system with a frosted, tempered glass lens. These fixtures can add a distinct dramatic flair to your wine cellar. They are unobtrusive, and their specialized fixtures allow you to aim the light to areas where it is most needed. It is advisable to find a system with a 12V/20W bulb, polished aluminum reflector, and make sure that the halogen bulbs have a UV protective coating. These specifications are necessary in order to avoid too much UV exposure to your wine bottles. When wine bottles are highly exposed to ultraviolet light, the quality of your wine is damaged.

Directional Track Lighting
Directional track lighting can be used as either an alternative or an addition to recessed can lights. Track lights provide ample light to your room and their flexibility allows you to adjust and focus the lights on a cellar feature that you want to emphasize. Take note also that all tracks should be 18 inches away from your cellar walls in order to avoid contact with the wine storage racking. Contact with the racks will give your wine bottles too much heat from the lights and thus damage your wines.

Wall Sconces
Wall sconces are light fixtures that are attached to a wall or the sides of the wine racks. The light produced by wall sconces is usually directed upwards. The fixtures are definitely attractive and shed indirect, diffuse light throughout your wine cellar.

LED Display Lighting
A display lighting feature will certainly accentuate the look of your wine racking. Accent lighting works great in arch tops, high-reveal and vertical displays, and cabinets. Lately, the use of light-emitting diode, or LED. for display lighting systems has been increasing in popularity. It’s no surprise really because this type of lighting is very inexpensive. These are cheap because these utilize a very small fraction of energy compared to the regular lightbulbs. This low-voltage aspect is beneficial in preventing wine damage. Moreover, these are proven to be long-lasting and thus will benefit you in the long run.

Light Dimmers
A light dimming control for your wine cellar lighting system will ensure that you can manage the brightness of your lights. This is necessary in order to brighten the lights when you need to read labels and then dim them accordingly. Efficient management of brightness also ensures that your wine bottles are not exposed to too much light that can raise the temperature of the wine cellar room and ultimately damage your wine collection.

There are many brilliant lighting ideas to accentuate you custom wine cellars. Choosing your preferred lighting can be a very exciting. You can explore the many options as long as you keep in mind the essential factors – functionality, room temperature, and beauty. There must be no compromise in these factors in order to create proper wine cellar lighting.

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