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Wine Cellar Racks – Contemporary Styles, Finishes & Designs

Wine Cellar Racks - Contemporary Styles, Finishes & DesignsModern homes and commercial wine displays demand contemporary designs for 2013.  While not quite a revolution, custom wine cellar builders are increasingly under pressure to come up with new looks to complement new development and remodeling projects.

VintageView has stepped up to the mark with their latest innovations in cellar racking solutions.  Featuring the evolution series as well as black pearl and polished chrome finishes their wine racks are setting the standard for contemporary components for wine room designs.

The components though are only as good as the wine cellar designer’s ability to design a stunning wine room display.  Other elements such as wine cellar lighting, flooring, doors and colors must all come together to make that exceptional wine cellar stand out.

Finish Comparison VintageView Cellar Wine Racks - Polished Chrome Platinum Brushed Nickel Black Pearl Satin BlackThe Evolution Series provide a Chrome and Glass look (actually acrylic) while the label forward standard racking enable a wine collection to be three deep and yet still easy to see.  This concept, label forward racking is great for restaurants and commercial projects such as wine stores where space is at a premium but management is also a necessity.

For examples of commercial wine cellar and residential wine cellar designs see the Contemporary Wine Cellar Los Angeles Residential Project and the Contemporary Wine Cellar Commercial Orange County Project two of our recent projects in California.

Commercial and Residential Wine Cellar Design using Metal Wine Racks

Wine Cellar Designs with Lighting Metal Wine RacksThese newer metal racking solutions are great for creating impressive wine displays in residential and commercial buildings.  They can add a dramatic element for wine enthusiasts and something special to hospitality based applications.

With relatively short lead times, these racks can easily be ordered and delivered within just a few days.

Traditional wooden wine racks by comparison, often take several weeks to be built and delivered.

These metal wine racks come in a range of sizes and can be custom built to fit into specific areas. Whether your need is for a simple 9 bottle rack or a larger custom wine cellar holding 100’s of bottles, these racks can make the perfect display.

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