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Wine Racks – Convenient and Efficient Wine Storage Solutions

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Coastal Custom Wine Racks

Wine racking systems are storage devices intended for holding wine bottles at an angle, to keep the cork moist and prevent it from chipping or drying out.  When bottles are laid on their side, the cork continuously remains in contact with the wine.  Thus it maintains its sealing capacity and ensures that the quality of wines is well-preserved.

Since wine racks are available in different sizes and capacities, they can suit various storage needs and requirements.  Racking systems also allow you to display and organize your wine bottles in style because they come in various designs – from traditional to contemporary.

Wood and Metal Wine Racks

Wood and metal are the most common materials used in wine rack construction.  Wood is the more popular material because of its flexibility and availability.  Mahogany, pine, cedar, and redwood are some of the best wood options for building wine racks.

There are advantages to wine racking systems constructed from these wood materials.  Wooden wine racks, are sturdy enough to withstand the

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Metal Wine Racks

weight load of your wine collection.  They have an enduring quality because these wood types are naturally resistant to decay and mold infestation.  These racks can also be stained or painted in order to tie them together in your decorating scheme.

Metal pieces may not possess the workability of wood, but metal can produce the most stunning and fluid shapes.  In fact, metal wine racks are

not only used as a storage method but also as ornamental pieces because of their unique designs.  These racks are ideal for short-term storage because of their limited storage capacity.

The primary metals used in making wine racks are stainless steel and wrought iron.  Stainless steel racks are more suited to the humid conditions of the kitchen because they are resistant to staining and rusting.  Wine racks made out of wrought iron are known for their durability and long lasting quality.  They have more flowing structures, which is why they can double as decorative pieces.

Custom Wine Racks

Custom wine racks are also available for wine collectors who want to add a distinctive characteristic to their wine cellar.  Wine racks that are custom built are usually constructed directly in the wine storage room, which allows wine cellar builders to make any adjustments in terms of architectural constraints.

General Wine Racks

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Different Types of Wine Racks Inside a Custom Wine Cellar

Most wine cellar storage systems are designed to accommodate the standard 750 ml bottle.  Common types of wine racks are table top, wall mounted, stackable, and cube storage bins.  Table top wine racks are intended for small scale storage.  These devices are placed on table tops or kitchen countertops to provide ease of access to wine bottles.

Wall mounted wine racks are space efficient because they are placed on the wall.  These racks can greatly benefit collectors who have very limited space.

Stackable racks are another example of space saving storage equipment.  Additional units can be stacked on top of each other as the wine collection grows. Cube storage bins are great for bulk storage.  They can fit wine bottles of different sizes.

Commercial Wine Racks

For wine retail store and restaurant owners, commercial wine racks are highly recommended as they are specifically designed to store large quantities of wine bottles.  Coastal Custom Wine Racks offer great choices of commercial wine racks as well as the other types of wine racking systems mentioned above.

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