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Wine Storage & Wine Room Coolers for Commercial Wine Cellars

Wine cellars for commercial use are designed to provide ample storage space to display and organize wines and liquors.  Commercial custom wine cellars are installed in restaurants, bars, wine retail stores, and hotels.  Most commercial wine cellars can fit a hundred to over a thousand bottles of fine wines.

Capital Seafood - Commercial Wine Cellar Irvine California

Capital Seafood – Commercial Wine Cellar Irvine California

Like residential wine cellars, commercial wine cellars require optimum conditions to preserve the quality of wines.  This can only be achieved when wine cellars are outfitted with proper insulation, moisture barriers, and an airtight seal, to enhance the efficiency of cellar cooler units.  Refrigeration systems are essential to keeping wines in mint condition.

The compatibility of commercial wine cellar cooling and commercial wine cellars are essential to maintaining an environment conducive to storing and aging wines for a long period of time.  Wine cellar refrigeration systems come in various features, configurations, and cooling capacities.  Cellar cooler units ideal for commercial use should have maximum cooling rates in order to provide the best climate conditions for wine storage.

In determining the right type of cooling system for commercial wine cellars, the following should be taken into account: the number of wine bottles, the amount of insulation, and the storage capacity of the wine room, along with the amount of wine rack furniture in the storage space.

Commercial grade wine cellar cooling systems are powerful units specifically engineered to effectively prevent temperature and humidity fluctuations within high capacity cellars.  Common types of wine room coolers for commercial use are split system cooling units and ducted, self-contained climate control systems.

Split system wine room coolers have ductless and ducted features.  This cooling system is split into two parts: one unit contains the evaporator and another houses the condenser.  There is an option to install both components at a remote location.  This set up allows for maximum storage space and noise dissipation.  If it is a ducted split system, the units are connected by air ducts.  In ductless split systems, both units are linked by a line set.

Split System Wine Room Coolers

Split System Wine Room Coolers

Ducted self-contained cellar cooler units have the evaporator and condenser stored in one unit.  Since the unit can be mounted at some distance away, there is complete absence of cooling equipment inside the storage space.  Ducting kits are used to circulate cool air into the room and vent warm air away from the cellar.

Ducted Wine Room Coolers

Ducted Wine Room Coolers

The aesthetic component of commercial wine cellars should also be considered.  When it comes to hospitality and the commercial wine industry, the method of showcasing and displaying wine bottles is important.  It can spell the difference between boosting wine sales and losing out on potential customers.  Most wine cellars for commercial use are designed and constructed with marketing in mind.

Commercial Wine Cellars - Capital Seafood Restaurant in California

Commercial Wine Cellars – Capital Seafood Restaurant in California

great number of commercial wine cellars are encased in glass to provide loyal patrons and potential customers an attractive view of their extensive wine collection.  The type of wine storage device and how this system is incorporated into the layout of the wine cellar are crucial elements to creating a visually appealing storage space in a commercial setting.

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