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Wooden Wine Racks – Single Bottle Wine Storage with Display Row

Wooden Wine Racks – Single Bottle Wine Storage with Display Row – Processed Video Transcription


Single Bottle Wine Storage Racks with Display Row

Hello and thank you for visiting Coastal Custom Wooden Wine Racks.  I’m here today to talk about single bottle storage wine racks with a display row.

Check out this 6' Eight Column Display Wooden Wine Racks

6′ Eight Column Display Wooden Wine Racks

At Coastal, we offer single bottle wine storage racks with a display row in widths of 1 – 10 columns, and with that many options you’re going to increase the probability that you’ll be able to design your own wine cellar without the use of any filler material.  Not only are these available in the 6’ series, we have a 7’ series that we offer a wide variety of wine storage racks and here’s the same wine rack that we’ve been discussing with a display row in the 7’ series.

It’s also available in an 8’ wine racks series as well, as you can see here.  Now not everybody likes the display row.  They want to maximize storage, and so we have the same style of wine rack only without the display row as you can see pictured here and this just simply maximizes the capacity of the wine racks.

Check ou this 8' Eight-Column Display Wood Wine Racks

8′ Eight-Column Display Wood Wine Racks

Let’s talk a little bit about some of the features and the benefits of this single bottle storage wine rack with a display row.  Each individual opening that the bottle rests inside of is 3 ¾” x 3 ¾” which can accommodate most of today’s market.  Not only the standard Bordeaux and Cabernet styled bottles, but also Pinot styled bottles, Burgundy’s, Organ pinots even, standard Champagne sized bottles will fit inside our openings.  I refer to them as a universal opening.

All of the wooden wine racks include a 1 ½” toe-kick.  This is a base that runs down here.  This is pre-assembled from the factory and it elevates the wine racks and the wine bottles off the floor an inch and a half.

Our dado cut front horizontal stabilizer bars are indeed dado cut to make the installation process very easy.  Dado cut simply means that they’re not just slotted at the appropriate place so that the vertical ladders align and space properly.  Not only does this allow for easy installation, but it really allows for a furniture quality appearance.

By the way, there are no pre-drilled openings, so that you have to use plastic caps to conceal the hardware that you use.  We want you to have a beautiful furniture quality appearance with continuity running across the front of your wooden wine racks.

Our rear stabilizer bars are also dado cut, but they’re a bit larger to increase the structural integrity of the wine rack, and they are indeed pre-drilled for you and the hardware is supplied.  Inside each opening or bottle rails or bottle supports as we call them, actually ours are called Easy Edge Bottle Support since they’re micro-beveled and well sanded at the factory to protect your labels.

View these Base and Crown Moldings for Wooden Wine Racks

Base and Crown Moldings for Wooden Wine Racks

Also, all of our Coastal wooden wine racks series are available with optional base and crown moldings and the wood species that are available in all of these series as well as 6’, 7’, and 8’ wine racks series are northwestern pine, premium redwood, and Malaysian mahogany.  All are available with 5 stains and finish options.

View our line of Single Bottle Storage Wooden Wine Racks here:

6’ Series –

7’ Series –

8’ Series –


Thanks again for visiting Coastal Custom Wooden Wine Racks.  Cheers!


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